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Fantaisie-Impromptu Opus 66 in do mineur by Frédéric Chopin...

Ewa Dabrowska




Ewa Dabrowska, is born Pawlowska in 1967 in Wlodawa, Poland. Ewa Dabrowska grew up in an artistic atmosphere with his father, Jan Pawlowski, sculptor, and his brother, sculptor also. Drawing since childhood in his father's workshop, Ewa Dabrowska follows a plastic training at the School of Plastic Arts of Lublin (painting) and the School of Fine Arts in Krakow (sculpture)..

In 1994 Ewa Dabrowska comes to Paris to continue his art studies and obtained in 1998 the Diploma Painting by the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Versailles.

"I came to Paris to change my art," she said, "attracted by all the artistic wealth of the capital of the Impressionists.

My creations take three directions, monochromes, sculptures and color-field. I could never choose between painting and sculpture, so I created in both disciplines at the same time. This allows me to avoid fatigue and to maintain my enthusiasm, and constantly give new impetus to my creation.

I began to realize and exhibit monochromes, and what I call color-field, while continuing to make bronze sculptures."

Ewa Dabrowska is living and working in Paris area. She is participating to numerous exhibitions in France and foreign countries and opened her own artist gallery in Honfleur in 2008 spring. To see her work and meet her, Ewa Dabrowska invites you in Honfleur each Saturday and Sunday and during school holidays (C zone in France), or upon rendez-vous.