La Pomme Interdite - 25 cm

La Pomme Interdite - 25 cm

"Maternité" - wood, 160 cm

La Pomme Interdite - 25 cm

"Le monde vous appartient"
bronze, 160 cm
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The sculpture: philosophical dreams-wandering...

Ewa Dabrowska is working as well as plaster, wood, stone or bronze like the works reproduced here. His sculptures are stylized. Ewa Dabrowska is trying to interpret the world she is seeing in search of emotions and feelings in a philosophical inquiry. Music, dance and philosophy are often present in all her works.

Ewa Dabrowska also works great formats as this study from nature.

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"Melody" - 72 x 38 x 12 cm and detail
bronze and granite 8 ea
60 cm,
bronze and stainless steel
"A Grand Cru"
48 x 23 cm
The dance
Bronze on granite - 57x48x16 cm
The bike ride
Bronze on granite - 53x40x10 cm

Wheel of Fortune


In sculpture, Ewa Dabrowska research original forms, symbols, and particular care color patina.

The techniques used for sculpture are shaping, molding, direct carving, or the lost wax bronzes. Ewa seeks to assemble different materials such as stainless steel, wood, bronze and stone.

Finally, Ewa Dabrowska tries to give his sculptures a human presence with staging.