Jan Pawlowski is the father of Ewa Dabrowska, born in 1940. He is a self-taught woodcarver.

He participates in many exhibitions in Poland and abroad, but also in open air contests, monumental format, commissioned by the state.

recognized by many prizes and state awards, laureate of several sculpture competitions. His fame was built by television and radio. Jan Pawlowski is a curiosity object in his area of Poland where he receives visitors. Passionate about sculpture, he gives classes and organizes workshops in his studio. In his works, Jan Pawlowski recounts the life of yesteryear, the one that almost does not exist anymore and of which he remains nostalgic. Wood is his favorite material. He has been working on it since childhood, first to care, to make toys for himself and his comrades. Subsequently the wood became his real passion. Now, the Wlodawa Museum permanently exhibits his works, which are also found in private and public collections from around the world. In 2013 the Wlodawa Museum published a book on his life.