Childhood: The artist’s childhood, spent exploring her family’s forest, nurtured her naturalistic vision of life and the development of her inner world.  Her parents’ divorce led her to seek a deeper understanding of human nature. She found refuge first in reading, inspired by her mother, and later in art, like her sculptor father.

Higher education: After her baccalaureate, she began her art studies in Lublin before achieving a sculpture scholarship to the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Encouraged by her professors to pursue an international career, she came to France and enrolled in painting at the École des Beaux Arts in Versailles before undertaking a further postgraduate year at a monotype engraving workshop.

Adulthood :

The discovery of the tragic story of Camille Claudel, a woman sculptor, led her to start her family in 1994.

Since then, she has been exhibiting in France and makes her living from her art.

The wave of terrorist attacks in 2015 triggered her desire to dedicate her art to the fight against hatred.